When you travel to Lapland, you are entering into a true winter paradise. Not only is the landscape beautiful with over 700 hills covered in a lush forest, but there is also amazing wildlife to be seen, including over 200,000 reindeers. And of course, the most exciting of all, Santa Claus and his many lovely elves! He’s always there to welcome you to this winter wonderland. Lapland is also one of the best places to see the Northern Lights, which are visible around 200 nights a year. We at Santa Claus in Lapland can guarantee the best quality programs with the most amazing experiences. Lapland is one of the best places to travel with family for a Christmas adventure and #SCIL have the best travel packages available. All our Lapland travel packages have something special for your winter travel adventure. Our travel packages include fantastic cabins for our main destinations, exclusive direct flights from Miami to Lapland, guides who are fluent in English and Spanish, and who focus on the individual to make sure that every moment of your vacation is spectacular. Best of all, our programs are filled with exciting excursions that will make this the most fun your family has ever had on vacation, with memories that will last a lifetime. We know that there are many options out there, but we are overjoyed that you trust us to plan your family vacation abroad. The perfect trip to Lapland exists and it will be everything you and your family have imagined. #riseabovetheordinary

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Choose the best Santa Claus in Lapland experience for your family. Enjoy your stay in one of Lapland’s traditional log cabins and some of the best cuisine that Finland has to offer. All our Lapland holiday packages include full room and board, a choice between English and Spanish tour guides, and exciting winter activities. Your family can go on reindeer rides, sledding with huskies, snowmobiling, tobogganing, play snow hockey, ride mini skidoos, and of course, your own private visit with Santa. We offer the ultimate Lapland trip from America for a magical family Christmas. Spend 5 or 6 nights in Santa’s Lappish homeland. We are the experts in Lapland for over 15 years!

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